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I logged into my bank account and saw an overdraft on my account due to a charge of $12. I called the bank and they gave me the 1-800 number to the people who were charging me who I never heard of before in my life!

Of course,

It turns out, that according to them I signed up for there BS service when I bought a hardrive on (at the begining of the summer).Today is October 1st and when I called them it turns out that they've been charging me for 5 months (do the math, 5x12=$60). They were quick as *** to give me my money back, especially when I told the guy that I did a Google search on the 1800 number and told him all the hits I got back saying how it was a scam. As a matter of fact before speaking to customer service, canceling there service was one of the first options to dial. I just got off the phone so now I'm waiting for my money.

I'm sure as *** not going to let them off the hook. That's how you have to deal with people like this, keep *** until they set things straight.

Today is Wednesday, if buy Monday (the third buisness day) I don-t get my money back I'm filling a police report and/or joining whatever class act there is against them.

Don't *** with consumer if you don't want them to *** you back.

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For Sally. Actually at first first I thought it was a charge from my credit card.

But my bank would never put me into overdraft for a fee, rather they would charge another account. i don't think I need to explain myself ***. I fact is I got ripped off. I check my statement all the time.

But I shouldn't have 2 be staring at it like a hawk. Not the only website that's gotten to it.


You are complaining about "Reservation Rewards" or whatever it is called ... because it took you 5 months to look at your bill and notice the charges?

You're an ***.

Have a great day! ***.


I too have been defrauded by this company. I have emailed them three times to cancel my membership (that I never signed up for) and get a refund for the charges that they made.

I still haven't heard anything. As soon as I figure out which company gave them my credit card information I will expose them.

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