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I just found out "Reservation Rewards" have been charging me $12 per months for 21 months (around $430) without my knowledge and without my authorization. They got my billing info from time that I bought couple of movie tickets online. Yes, simple as this. and I've never paid attention to my bills. Now I figured out how much they charged me over years and I was even unemployed for a while.

When I emailed them and called them for complain, they are telling me I have entered my email address twice....isn't it funny? I told address is a public information. Anybody can enter it? Did I give you authorization to charge my credit card? did I typed my credit card info to your website? NOOOOOOOOOOOO....I didn't....and for what reason I pay $12 monthly for years and not using any service from your site?

they are total spam....They paid four month so far, but they have to pay another 17 months, otherwise, I will sue them....

such a shame really....and nobody is stopping them....they put some legal fine lines in the email that might go to the spam and we usually delete those advertisement emails even before reading them and understanding that somebody in another corner of the world is charging us without us even knowing it....

again...such a shame....

Monetary Loss: $430.

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#369077're an ***.


again to CaptainObvious....I read some of your comments to other are sick...and you are an angry ***...I didn't even continue reading your ridicules comments here...

Now, I got it when you said "It's funny to me how people seem to think that I have some kind of mental problem"...because others have been identified you as a mental case too...poor boy...


I'm so glad that you are so pissed...lonely pissed little boy!

by the way, I didn't know I have to talk Shakespeare to you...

It took me just one email to get my money back but so many emails with you mental case...

F.Y.I. I didn't read your whole post as it should be ***/mental as your other posts here...I'm just glad that you are so pissed to write me back again...


Mr. need a mental help...seriously...

I bet you don't have a single friend to hang out with that's why you are here to put your nose in every single thread....trying to insult people...poor are a lonely person on the internet...

As other people told you, you need professional help...go get it...


frankly, I didn't read your whole comments since this conversation is getting boring...I just scanned it!

but wow...I'm not the only one who claims you have a mental problem then!

if other people's complain is bugging you, why you are reading them?

I just got here because I had this issue and I thought it's good to write it down that other people with same situation know about it...

Am I proud of not capturing that transaction on my account for a long time? NO, of course the other hand, I've never ever paid any interests on my credit cards and I always had/have a very well paid job which I'm proud of it and its results of my years of hard work and exceptional education and of course being, you are going on and on and call me a *** here, while you don't know me at, then I'm going to call you mental....and frankly, the *** is you to spend time here and post comments for people and problems that are not yours...if I post comment here is because it's my own thread!

I didn't post this comment to get any sympathy....and I hope other people with the same situation write their complain here too...and people like you shouldn't discourage them...

so, get along with your life and don't blame others for your misfortunes...that's my two cents for you....

good luck


again...check with your need professional help badly...poor you :p

and you can't be rich when you spent so much time surfing internet and replying people here...hehehehe

invest your time in more productive way and mind your own business!

#350794 seems you are so pissed and you have so much anger...It's so funny to read your comments here...please post more angry comments...You are swearing and insulting somebody that you don't know at if you don't work for that *** company, then you are a mental case and you need a professional's so funny how angry you are....and you are so pissed at my comment...hehehehe...

P.S. I got all my money that I paid them...all the'm so rich and make very good money...I don't care about $12 per month...I don't need to count every penny in my account like you....I wrote here to aware go ahead and keep writing and shouting *** here...but I feel sorry for should check with your doctor...oh...probably, you used to work for Reservation Rewards and they fired you because people like me got their money back...oh...poor boy...sorry for you again!


It looks like "CaptainObvious" is a loser who is working for reservation rewards and pissed at my comment...otherwise there is no sense to write a *** comment here while lots of other people are going through the same problem...

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